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Our educational solution gives you all the resources to TEACH about digital health. Our pastoral solution gives you all the resources to USE digital health.


Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care support package, starts with the creation and promotion of your Free Digital Health Hub with the powerful App Finder built in.

This empowers your school community to find and compare great digital health Apps and to embrace these amazing products with confidence.

You can also add Teacher Accounts to your Digital Health Hub and this supports student service and pastoral care teams to discreetly recommend Digital Health solutions directly to pupils and students to support their health and well-being challenges.

Adding in to this the PSHE module detailed in the Educational Package is a logical additional step in delivering an overall programme focussed on digital health and well-being.

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Pastoral Licence

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PSHE Education

Unlock access to lesson plans, supporting resources and our powerful Digital Health Hub with our immersive suite to the exciting world of Digital Health.

This module comes with everything you need to deliver hugely engaging and interactive PSHE lessons 'out of the box'.

Supporting both the crucial STEM agenda and the key focus on health and well-being (physical and mental), this module will engage and challenge students to better understand this key future component of modern healthcare.

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Primary School Package

£25/ Per year

Secondary School Package

£50/ Per year
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Features Educational Pastoral Optional Extras
Digital Health Hub -
Customisable App Finder -
Videos -
Lesson Plans -
Student Workbook -
Teacher Workbook -
Presentations -
Worksheets -
Analytical Data
App Recommendations
Promotional Resources -
Staff Accounts

Looking to get multiple licences?

Are you looking to deliver a Digital Health programme for a number of schools or academies. We provide dedicated and tailored programmes for a number of locations or academy chains, to suit your specific needs.


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